How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish, The Easy Way

Shannon Farrell

Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Polish

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Q: I applied this gorgeous glitter nail polish, but now I can’t take it off. What’s the best way to remove it?

A: We love a good glitter nail polish. It’s the closest thing to nail art for those of us who are—shall we say—artistically challenged. That said, removing glitter nail polish is about ten times harder than any normal nail polish. “Glitter is more difficult to remove because it’s not nail polish,” says Deborah Lippmann, Founder and Creative Director of the Deborah Lippmann luxury beauty line. “Nail polish dissolves in remover, but since glitter itself isn’t nail polish it doesn’t dissolve.”

For a simple solution, Lippmann recommends The Stripper Hydrating Nail Lacquer Remover ($19, “To quickly and easily remove glitter nail lacquer, saturate a piece of cotton with The Stripper, place it over your nail and wrap tin foil around it, then leave it on for about two minutes. This will lock in heat and allow for easy removal.”

As an added bonus, this particular remover infused with lavender and aloe, so it hydrates the nail and cuticle without drying it like acetone-based removers.

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