How To Preserve Your Hair Color


Last night I had some great fun. I had the chance to go to the premier of Anne Hathaway‘s new movie The Bride Wars. I love going to events like these – it’s so fun to be rubbing elbows with all of these people I recognize from TV and the movies. The row in front of me was filled with the cast of The Real Housewives of New York – my ears are killing me from trying so hard to nonchalantly eavesdrop. Beside me was Lisa Rinna – who is honestly SO glamorous in person! Of course the woman who stole the evening was Miss Annie – she completely shined. Her tuxedo redefined red carpet chic and in every interview she came across as beautiful and friendly as she is in real life.

I colored Annie’s hair two weeks ago to get her red carpet ready – she has a big couple of weeks ahead, the Golden Globes, Critics Choice and Screen Actors Guild awards – and then the big one – OSCAR! So not too much pressure – LOL!!! She, just like everyone else had some questions about how to maintain her hair from the time she left the salon until she could make it back in for her retouch.

There are a few golden rules for preserving you hair color that every girl (or boy) should know:
1. Stop shampooing every day. If you can shampoo every other or every third day, not only will it preserve your color it will also help to make your hair less dry and have more shine.
2. When you do shampoo use a color preserving product like Ted Gibson’s Clarity Color Shampoo and conditioner. It is specially formulated to help lock your color into your hair with it’s color stabilizing complex. Both the shampoo and conditioner have a UV filter to protect your hair color from fading in the sun and they condition the hair perfectly – not too heavy, not too light.
3. Try a color depositing shampoo and conditioner. Ted Gibson has the Individual Color Shampoo and Conditioner that actually deposit a temporary color onto the surface of the hair to keep your color looking salon perfect in between visits.
4. See your colorist for a gloss. By stopping in the salon on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon to get a gloss, not only will it balance out and refresh your hair color it will also give it beautiful shine – plus you’ll have a great blow out for the weekend!

When you follow tips like this, you too will be a show stopper!



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