The Things You Should Be Discussing When Shopping for Foundation

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Since foundation is, well, the foundation of your everyday makeup it’s incredibly important to find something that is the perfect match for you (not only in terms of color, but in terms of coverage, finish, and much more).

Luckily, when you’re shopping at a beauty retailer like a department store, Sephora or an Ulta, you have professionals who are surrounded by foundations all day. When you discuss the right thing with your beauty consultant you’re more likely to find the perfect foundation for you. If you ask the right questions you’ll know how to pick the right foundation for you – they’re there to help!

We’ve rounded up all the things you should discuss with your beauty consultant in order to get yourself an ideal foundation. Check them out below!

What you’re using now/what you’re used to:

It’s always important that when you’re looking for something new that you’re going to most likely be wearing everyday, that you tell your beauty consultant what it is that you’re disliking about the product you’re already using. That way they won’t steer you towards something that you’re trying to avoid.

How long you want it to wear for:

You’ll want to discuss with your beauty consultant how long throughout the day you’ll be wearing the foundation. Is this something that you’ll only be wearing for nights out on the town? Will you be wearing it on a daily basis? Or is it just for a special event? Letting your beauty consultant know this information will help them decide what will be the best value for what you’re looking to use it for.

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If you’re going to be outside most days:

Obviously, we’re all smart enough to know how important sun protection is not only when it comes to burning but also when it comes to helping your skin from aging, so if you spend most of your day outside, you know that SPF is something you’ll want in your foundation. Also, you’ll want something that will be somewhat water/sweat-resistant especially if you live in warm temperatures.

How much coverage you’re looking for:

Because the whole point of wearing a foundation is to cover up or even out your skin, you’ll want to tell your beauty consultant how much coverage you prefer—from sheer to full. Letting your beauty consultant know this information is crucial since it’s basically the most important part of wearing a foundation.

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Your skin type/your skin concerns:

Many foundations work best with a certain type of skin, so giving your consultant this information may be the difference between having a foundation that lasts on your face for one hour or the entire day. You’ll also want to inform him or her of your skin concern/s because this can help your beauty consultant find a foundation that may actually help your skin while you’re wearing it like a foundation for acne-prone skin with salicylic acid or a hydrating BB cream for someone with more dry skin.

What kind of finish you’re looking for:

This may be a bigger point for those with more oily skin because you may prefer a more matte finish, but letting your beauty consultant know the type of finish you’re searching for in a foundation can help them narrow down your options. Foundations don’t just come in a natural finish—there’s everything from matte, luminous, radiant, and more.

What tool you prefer to use to apply your foundation:

Certain brand foundations are made to be applied in certain ways—for instance, NARS foundations are made to be applied with your finger tips—so you’ll definitely want to let your consultant know what your preferred method of application is so that they can find you one that you can put on comfortably and get the best results from.

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If there are any ingredients you don’t want in your foundation:

Whether it’s an allergy, a matter of ethics or just something you aren’t fond of, you’ll want to let your consultant know if there are any ingredients that you want to avoid in a foundation so that you can feel comfortable about wearing this foundation everyday.

Your price range:

Especially if you’re at a beauty super store like Sephora or Ulta where the foundation options are literally endless, you’ll want to set a price point with your beauty consultant. This way they don’t show you something super expensive that you fall in love with and just can’t swing.

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