How To Maximize Your Eyes



How many pairs of jeans do you have in your closet? A lot, right? Truth be told, you should be as diverse in your mascara collection as you are with jeans, boots and black dresses. Here’s why: Knowing how to create different lash effects can turn any ho-hum makeup look into one that’s eye-popping and amazing–even if you barely wear makeup. Here, COVERGIRL celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern shares her insider tips on how to maximize your eyes with three key mascara styles.

1. Extra Long & Chic Lashes
The look: Lengthy, beautifully separated lashes are forever chic and ideal for a work or for those days when you want to wear minimal makeup, yet still look fantastically put together.
Best mascara: COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Mascara. “I love the brush because it’s so long and skinny, which helps extend and separate the lashes without clumping,” she says. The formula also contains nylon fibers that can extend the length of your lashes by up to 80%.
Application Tip: Place the tip of the brush on the outer corners of your lashes first, do a few strokes, then work your way in. “Wherever you first place that brush, that’s where you’re going to get the most definition,” says Stern. Since most people tend to focus on the outer edges of your eyes, extending those corner lashes will make your eyes look more open.
Complementary Eye Makeup Technique: To accentuate that mile-long lash look, Stern recommends contouring your crease with a colorful shadow and drawing a thin, angular line with liquid liner along the top lash line. “I tend to do very little shadow or liner with long lashes because it’s such an innocent look–it’s nice to keep it subtle,” she says.

2. Lush & High-Drama Lashes
The look: Thick, high-volume lashes make a powerful statement, perfect for a big night out or whenever you want to create a bold look.
Best mascara: COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara. The super-sized brush grabs and coats every lash, plumping them up and depositing the perfect amount of color.
Application Tip: Start at the center of your lash line to enhance that full look. “Place the wand at the very base of your lash, then, using a side-to-side motion, wiggle the wand upwards in one long, even stroke. This ensures you completely coat the lash and build up your base, which is what really makes your lashes look full,” says Stern.
Complementary Eye Makeup Technique: Pair this look with a smoky eye for maximum drama. “I love to use COVERGIRL Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeliner to line the upper lash line and the inside lower rim,” says Stern.

3. Scintillating & Eye-Catching Lashes
The look: Bold lashes with a hint of shimmer can make your whole look sparkle. A bedazzling lash effect is ideal for a festive evening or whenever you want to make a flirtatious and eye-catching effect.
Best mascara: COVERGIRL LashBlast Luxe Mascara features the same great volumizing formula as the original LashBlast Mascara, but with a unique, shimmery finish. “It has a bit more pizzazz than your average mascara, so it’s great for a party or a club — somewhere where you want to attract attention,” says Stern.
Application Tip: Apply at least two coats to make the shimmer really come out.
Complementary Eye Makeup Technique: Enhance the glam vibe by layering on a little bit more shimmer, says Stern. She recommends a sheer wash of glittery eye shadow and a sparkly liner to help add to the glistening effect.

Want to see how you’d look wearing COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Mascara? Try it on the virtual Makeover Studio.

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