You’re Doing It Wrong: Layering Products

Megan Segura

unnamed2 Youre Doing It Wrong: Layering Products

If you’re a cleanse, tone and moisturize kind of girl, then we’re jealous of your simple beauty routine. For the rest of us, there are serums, SPFs and spot treatments to consider. Unfortunately, using too many products all at once can lead to a bad skin reaction, says esthetician¬†Ildi Pekar.

Pekar says, “Mixing and layering products causes your skin to react and in most cases in causes breakouts.” To avoid a bad skin day, she suggests waiting for each individual product to dry before moving on to the next. As for the order of things, she says, “We recommend to cleanse, apply serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and then your SPF (always last!).”

Pekar also stresses not overusing products. “All products have directions on the packaging. Make sure you follow the directions.¬†If they say use a dime-size amount, use a dime-size amount. Overusing your products is not going to cure your skin problem. It causes the skin to react.”

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