How to Deal With Your Hair While Growing It Out

Kristin Booker

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We have all been there. You get one bad hair day and you want something new. You cut cool short bangs. You go for a bob, a lob, or tons of layers. Inspired by someone’s wildly playful style, you chop your hair into a pixie. You’re exhilarated, you’re excited…for a while. Then, the fun starts: You now have to patiently wait while your hair grows out.

Since you’ll have to leave the house during the in between stages of growing out said hair, we thought a little expert advice was in order to help ease the process. We asked Lisa Stephenson, Sassoon Salon Creative Director in New York City, to give some important styling and maintenance tips for how to handle your hair while it begins the growing process. Below, Lisa’s best tips.

Go sleek . Honestly, sometimes the best way to mask a regrettable haircut is to change the direction and appearance of the style. You can slick it back for a wet, gelled look that’s classic and clean. That always makes a great impact, and it’s just such an easy style to accomplish.

Add a side part. Adding a part or changing the direction of your part can really change the look of your hair. Plus, if you’ve been parting your hair in the same direction forever, it can add volume and a new perspective by switching it up.

‘Blow’ forward. I love the look when you blow dry the hair forward, then flat iron the ends for a new look. It gives your style textured variety, which can help when you’re in a style rut.

Color your world. Sometimes you want to feel like you’re doing something, so hair color is always a nice way to keep your style fresh and new while you’re waiting for it to grow out. It can add depth and dimension, which is so needed when you’re so bored with your current hair.

Mind your bangs. If your bangs are too short or you’re growing them out, you can soften the look by adding mousse or gel to wet hair, then blowing them to one side. The product will give the blown out bangs a softer look. Add a touch of pomade to the ends so they’re a bit less broken and it will give them a finished look.

Tend to the outside lengths. If you’re growing out layers, nothing beats a good haircut. It means that the layers will grow out well and not bulky. Visit your stylist every 6-8 weeks and ask them to tidy up the outside lengths and bring them up just a little bit each time to maintain healthy, strong, good looking hair while continuing to blend the layers as they grow out.

Bonus round. Also, experiment with how you blow dry your hair, playing with different looks so you don’t get bored while you’re hair is growing out. Take Biotin, stay hydrated, and, whatever you do, protect your hair when using heat so you don’t damage the lengths you’re trying so hard to grow.

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