How To Get Thicker Hair Faster

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We’re so over limp hair. To prep for summer, we’re thinking voluminous locks perfect for beach waves. But not all of us have a thick head of hair to get that beachy look that the late Farrah Fawcett has made so envy-worthy. Thankfully, it’s not all about genes. With some TLC and some tips from the experts, you too, can get thicker hair right now. Here’s how.

How To Get Longer Hair Faster

Fake Thicker Strands
Without changes the chemical makeup of your strands, you can fake thicker strands with product. “To achieve the look and feel of thicker hair, I love RenĂ© Furterer VOLUMEA Volumizing Conditioning Spray ($28,,” Celebrity Stylist Louis Angelo of Garren New York, told us. “You have more control of the direction of the root, you get more lift and the product is non-sticky and weightless.” For color-treated hair, we love Pureology Rootlift ($20,, which volumizes at the root and creates a shine for natural, healthy-looking hair.

Beef Up Strands
To treat thin strands, it is best to choose products that include amino acids that plump up individual strands. We love Arrojo’s Volume Foam ($15, that targets the roots. For a more natural option, Jason Volumizing Lavender ($7, has wheat protein amino acids for lasting volume.

Since hair is made out of proteins, a diet rich in proteins, vegetables, whole grains and fruit will also rejuvenate thin hair. Taking supplements of vitamin A, D, B-Complex, Iron and Biotin can also help encourage healthy hair growth.

Prevent Breakage
Split ends are the main reason we don’t have all have Eva Longoria hair. The best ways to counteract breakage are frequent trims at the salon and staying clear of heating tools like straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers. If you can’t get over the addiction (I seriously can’t put my curling iron down!), opt for styling products that protect against heat such as Redken Extreme Anti-Snap ($16.50, that also prevents breakage.

Promote Hair Growth
If you fear you’re losing your hair, which can be caused by aging, stress and other environmental factors, the best course of action is to get your scalp in peak condition. Collagen is a protein that holds our bodies together. You’ve probably heard about it in terms of anti-aging products. But it’s also a big factor in thinning hair. The less collagen we have, the thinner our hair. RenĂ© Furterer TONUCIA Redensifing Serum slows down the breakdown of collagen fibers and increases hair diameter within two months. You can also supplement collagen which will have a positive effect on skin and nails, as well.

Now that you know how to make your hair look and feel thicker, here’s what you shouldn’t do. “Avoid products that have a high content of alcohol,” Angelo said. Alcohol dries out hair, causing breakage. L’Oreal Paris EverStyle Volume Root Lifting Spray ($5.99, is an alcohol-free formula that builds thickness and lift at the root. Celebrity Hairstylist Betsy Reyes recommends avoiding products that are too heavy or greasy because they can cause breakage.

Are thicker strands in your future?

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