How To Get Fit — In Your Living Room

Sara Spruch-Feiner
Crunch Live (Crunch LLC)

Crunch Live (Crunch LLC)

We’re no stranger to the fact that the Internet can be used for just about anything these days. From Seamless-ordered late-night cravings to potentially ill-advised Net-a-Porter purchases, all it takes is a few clicks to make just about anything yours — it’s quite dangerous, really.

And while we are in fact advocates for leaving the house — vitamin D is super good for you — sometimes actually getting to the gym is a little hard. Between long hours at the office to the crowds, and the very unwanted feeling that you’re being watched, it can all be rather…annoying. We’re not saying skip your next SoulCycle class — that energy is hard to replicate — but it is pretty cool that these days all you really need is some Wi-Fi  (and maybe a little space) to work out with some of the world’s most famous trainers. Ahead, four booming fitness platforms for when the gym IRL isn’t an option.


What it is: The urban gym brings its lively vibes and penchant for off-kilter workouts to your computer screen — think dance-fusion workouts inspired by Latin and traditional belly dancing (if that sounds right up your alley, check out Bellatone, here). Of course, your more traditional workouts: cardio, strength training, yoga, and pilates, to name a few (all taught by Crunch instructors) are available, as well. Classes range from one-minute long to an hour, which definitely leaves us with #noexcuses.
What it costs: $9.99/month; $90/year


What it is: From barre to bollywood to bootcamp, this service brings fancy NYC boutique workouts to you, no matter where you are. AKA: Dorm room in rural Ohio? No problem. Late-night cram session with your overbearing boss — they’ve got you covered. From Instagram-famous trainers like Shay Kostabi and Heidi Kristoffer to high-end studios like ChaiseFitness and Flex Studios, Booya brings top-notch, quickie workouts to you at affordable prices.
What it costs: $9.99/month; $27/3 months; $99/year


What it is: When you join Radius, you take a short survey that helps establish the basics — your weight, height, and most importantly, your goals, all of which leads to customized recommendations for which of Radius’s star-trainer-led programs is right for you. You can join as many programs as you want and go through them video by video, in any order or combination. Celebrity trainer Basheerah Ahmad leads virtual barre classes for those of us after ballerina bodies, while Keoni Hudoba’s program combines high-intensity interval training with challenging body-weight movements.
What it costs: $9.99/month; $49.99/6 months; $89.99/year


What it is: Cosmobody, in case you were wondering, is indeed affiliated with Cosmopolitan magazine. This gets you, on top of the regular fitness programming, lots of fun Cosmo-esque “bonus” videos on topics like fitness fashion, healthy eating, and even tips on how to approach a guy. When you’re ready to burn some cals though, you won’t be disappointed — star yogi Tara Stiles has classes on Cosmobody, as do trainers including Katia Pryce, Jennifer Johnson, and Adam Rosante.
What it costs: $9.99/month

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