How To Get Stiletto Happy Feet

Shannon Farrell
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Some days heels just aren’t an option. Your feet still feel scrunched from the day before and the thought of enduring another day on stilettos is just too unbearable. But imagine if your feet never suffered from high-heel pain again. Well imagine, no more.

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According to Daily Mail, the number of cosmetic surgeries performed on feet have doubled in the past year. Women are requesting dermal filler injections into toe pads, heels and the balls of the feet. The trick to the procedure is that it creates a pillow effect on the foot by filling out the collagen that breaks out over time.

The treatment takes only 20 minutes and costs $480, which isn’t a lot considering how expensive our favorite pair of pumps are. However, results last up to six months. Is this the new botox? Does this mean we will be heading to the doctor two times a year for our heel obsession?

We’re gonna wait it out and see how this new craze pans out. Would you get foot surgery or should flats be the new stilettos?

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