How To Get Creative With Your Half-Up Style


Stylist Giulia Heiman of StyloNY shares with StyleCaster an easy way to pull your hair out of your face, while still looking chic.

Considering you’ve had to style your hair everyday for the past – lets not count and age ourselves – few years, at this point you’ve probably gotten bored with your hairstyle at least once or twice. To mix it up a bit (and still not waste any time in the morning) we’ve called upon hairstylist Giulia Heiman of StyloNY to show us a creative spin on pulling our hair back.

Read on below for her hairstyle tips, and have a new ‘do in five minutes flat.

Step 1:
Your hair doesn’t need to be freshly washed, and will hold better if it’s a little dirty. If it has been washed, prep with a tiny bit of pomade such as Mop Orange Peel.

Step 2:
StyleCaster_Half-Up_Style.jpg (Blog Entry)

If you need to add texture to your hair, add a bit of wave with a curling iron. Giulia advises to wrap the hair around the curling iron and don’t clamp down to avoid a crimp.

Step 3:
StyleCaster_Half-Up_Style2.jpg (Blog Entry)

Divide your hair into two sections, twisting the left side of your hair back.

Step 4:
StyleCaster_Half-Up_Style3.jpg (Blog Entry)

Take a fine tooth comb and back comb through the twist.

Step 5:
StyleCaster_Half-Up_Style4.jpg (Blog Entry)

Pin the twist into place by criss crossing the bobby pins so that they stay put. Repeat on the other side.

And the final look…
StyleCaster_Half-Up_Style5.jpg (Blog Entry)

All photos courtesy of Joey D’Arco for StyleCaster

Contributed by: Rachel Adler

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