How To Get A Christina Aguilera Makeover

Caroline Murray

Ever since Genie in a Bottle rocked my ordinary, teenaged-world, I have loved Christina Aguilera. Her style has always been so bold and daring; she really is nothing but fierce. So when CoverGirl told me Christina’s makeup artist from The Voice, Jake Bailey, was in town I had to meet with him and find out how he creates Christina’s face every week. Here, we show you, step-by-step, how Jake turned me from a plain-Jane into a seductive Christina!


Before he worked on my face, Jake cleaned the brows. He left them thick, creating an even arch on each side. Then he dusted them with a shadow lighter my natural color to, “fill in the brow without darkening the look.”

To even my skin tone, Jake he applied CoverGirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation Base–a moisturizing foundation with a velvety, matte finish–all over my face, neck and under the eyes. “In addition to giving you beautiful skin this product also protects skin from free radicals with anti-oxidants and improves discoloration over time,” Jake said. “I like to apply it with a Kabuki brush because it’s very quick. But in general I recommend using your fingertips, because it saves women from using a tool.”

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He finished by applying CoverGirl Olay powder with a fan brush: a light duster. If the brush is too small or too stiff, Jake warned, it can mess up the makeup; you need something that glides over with ease.


The gunmetal smoky eye that Jake created on Christina really was the star of the show. To recreate the look, he lined my top and bottom lash lines and colored my lids with CoverGirl Liquiline Blast in Silver Spark, a soft liner that blends well and also acts as an ultra-durable cream shadow.

Then he dusted CoverGirl Eye Enhancers shadow in Plantina 630 across my lids, above the brow bone, darker on the outer corners and a little beneath my lower lash line. Finally he blended the color with a fluffy brush across my lids for a softer look.His advice? Get dirty! “You can’t just wipe eye shadow on in one swipe. It’s an art, and to a certain extent, it takes practice; I make a mess all the time!” To clean up, he wipes excess shadow away with a Q-Tip and touches up concealer underneath the eyes.


For Christina’s va-va-voom lashes, Jake let us in on one of his favorite lash-enhancing tricks. Start by curling your lashes, then take a business card, lay it horizontally against your lid, and apply mascara generously, like CoverGirl LashBlast 24Hr, This way, you can add as much product as you need without worrying about it landing on your freshly painted lids.

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