How To Get Big Hair In A Hurry

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It may be thanks to Snooki, but there’s no denying that big hair is in — especially when you’re going out. Our friends at StyleList went straight to the source, New Jersey hairstylist Eric Alt — who maintains the coiffure of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub and Johnny Weir, to find out how to get a high-volume hairstyle for a night on the town.

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Since most of us don’t have the time to endlessly primp and preen our strands in the morning, working overtime to get that perfect pouf of volume, we asked Eric Alt (who maintains for quick and effective ways to score volume in seconds. Read on for Alt’s spot-on tips on how-to rock volume that’s adjustable to any situation.

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1. Use dry shampoo. A must-have for absorbing scalp oil so your blowout lasts longer, dry shampoo also doubles as a fast and very natural-looking volume builder, says Alt. Simply part hair where you want volume, and aim the nozzle towards the scalp for a quick blast. Use your fingertips to gently work the product into the scalp, and watch as the height of your strands expands.

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2. Tail comb tease. When you’re in a rush, nothing beats a classic pick comb to tease your crown — where a touch of hair height can make a dramatic difference, says Alt. Pull a one inch section of hair up and taut, and comb down the opposite direction in sharp and short strokes. Spritz with a firm hold hairspray, and gently smooth hair back to its natural direction with your hands once all your sections are done.

3. Bump it. “Bumpits are those fabulous clips that instantly give you height, and they just came out with a new smaller version that’s more versatile,” says Alt. Simply slide the self-gripping headband-like tool onto your crown, and cover with hair for instant results. The handy little inserts come in varying sizes, for volume that ranges from everyday to extraordinary.

Super big hair can be achieved using the same techniques, but will take extra flicks of the wrist to build up mega volume. “Really big hair doesn’t happen by itself. It takes some magic to get that lift and achieve just the right look. Not to mention the right height. It’s all about the height!” says Alt.


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