Get A St. Patrick’s Day Manicure

Shannon Farrell
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Photo: Daily Makeover

St. Patrick’s Day is only two days away and what better way to celebrate than with a fun and easy manicure?

We met with the manicurists at the Dashing Diva Salon on the Upper West Side for some holiday mani inspiration and came up with this green manicure with green and yellow gem accents. No nail art required!

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Step 1: Apply cuticle oil ($12, and wipe nails with damp cloth to remove excess oils.

Step 2: To prevent chipping, apply Dashing Diva Base Seal ($18,

Step 3: Apply Nail Bliss Bling Appliques in Jazz Hands ($5.99, to ring fingers. For Paddy’s Day, go with the green and yellow thumb appliqué.

Step 4: Place the sticker so that it lines up on one side of the nail. To cut a straight edge on the other side, fold the appliqué and then cut. For the bottom nail edge, file in a sideways motion to remove the overhanging piece.

Step 5: Paint remaining nails with Dashing Diva Eastside Envy ($8,, a soft lime green that falls in between the green and yellow gem shades. Finish with one coat of Seche Vit Dry Fast Top Coat ($9.99,

Bling Appliques usually last up to three days and can easily be removed by gently peeling, starting from the side corner of the cuticle area.

Will you be celebrating Paddy’s Day with a mani?

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