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How to Find the Best Self-Tanner For Your Skin

How to Find the Best Self-Tanner For Your Skin

How to Find the Best Self-Tanner For Your Skin
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As we pull our favorite skirts out of storage and start stocking up on the latest styles for this spring, it’s becoming more and more apparent each day that it’s been quite a while since the last time our legs have seen the light of day. Considering how serious we take sun protection, we’re not about to sprawl out in the sun without sunscreen just to soak up a bit of color, so the logical next step is self-tanners. We’ve tested just about every self-tanning lotion, mousse, gel, mist and towelette under the sun (pun intended), so we’ve become pretty well-versed in how to apply self-tanner, which kind to use, and which self-tanner is best for the kind of needs we have.

Depending on if you’ve got sensitive or dry skin, you’re heading out in a hurry or you’ve got a week to prep for vacation, the type of self-tanner you use makes a huge difference. To help you narrow down your search to find the best self-tanner for you, we’ve rounded up one for every kind of need (from skin that needs to be firmed to hard to reach areas). Take a look at the self-tanner guide above and tell us which you’ll be using in the comments below!

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