Get Rachel Zoe’s Braided Ponytail

Rachel Zoe

Photo: © Angela Weiss/Getty

Rachel Zoe has worked some of the most seemingly strange style combinations into sartorial gold, and last night at her media group launch, she did it again… this time with her hair. Our friends at BellaSugar give us the inside scoop on scoring Zoe’s perfectly festive braided ponytail.

1. Start by applying a wave-enhancing product to damp hair. Finger dry with a blow dryer, and touch up with a curling iron as needed.

2. Deep-part the hair to one side and French-braid the smaller side of the part, following the curve of the head.

3. Once you reach the opposite side at the nape, secure with an elastic. Then, French-braid starting at the heavy side of the part, stopping where the first braid ends.

4. Join the two braids together with a large elastic, and wrap a section of hair around the base to finish.

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