How to Deal When Your Hairdresser Cuts Off Too Much Length

Augusta Falletta


It’s happened to everyone. You go to the hair salon thinking you’re just getting a trim, and you leave wondering why no one prepared you for the horror that is a hairdresser chopping off inches when you ask for centimeters. There are few things worse in life than a traumatizing haircut, but we’re here to help. Below are our best tips for how to deal when your hairdresser cuts off too much length (besides binge eating a box of Oreos and starting a new Pinterest board for what your long hair would look like).

First, relax: Take comfort in knowing that you’re not the first girl this has happened to, and you certainly won’t be the last. Grab your friends, mom and any general support group you can and talk it out over a game of Apples to Apples – we promise you know someone who’s not only had a bad haircut, but who’s also had a worse haircut than the one you’ve got. It’s okay. Hair grows back. It’s not the end of the world.

Tell your stylist you’re unhappy: This can be incredibly awkward, but you’re not helping anyone by keeping it to yourself. Let the stylist know why you’re not satisfied, then ask around for a new, more reliable stylist. The salon may even give you a discount for dissatisfaction, and paying less money for a haircut you hate can ease the stinging pain a bit.

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Switch up your heat styling: You should do this for two reasons. First, if you’re double heat styling (blow dry first, flat iron or curling iron second), you’re doing double the damage. Cut back on the heat styling to reduce the damage and your hair will be healthier, which means it will grow back stronger. Second, switch up how you style your hair so that you give yourself a new look. It may take a bit of getting used to, but try wearing your hair wavy instead of straight (or vice versa) so that you can start to love your hair again while you’re waiting for it to grow.

Make masks a regular: Dry, damaged hair won’t do you any favors. Start using hair masks on the regular to promote healthy growth, plus give your hair some extra shine while it needs a little TLC. Twice a week, swap out your conditioner for a hair mask and you’ll start to see results quickly.

Play with new hairstyles: Don’t just become a ponytail junkie to hide your now-too-short hair. Switch up your look with a half-up, half-down look (which actually tricks the eye into thinking your hair is longer), play around with braids or take some time to finally learn how to get the perfect top knot. Short hair can be just as fun as long hair, it just takes a little creativity.

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Give yourself a mourning deadline: Every friend you have will reach their limit of how long they can listen to how much you miss your hair. Give yourself an appropriate period of time to mourn (say, a week or so) and then make the decision to not talk about your loss. The less you hear yourself say that you hate your hair, the less you will hate your hair.

Invest in a good hair growth supplement: When you’re trying to get your hair to grow, there are plenty of supplements that will help the process go faster. Be sure you’re eating healthy foods (or these 8 foods that will help your hair grow faster) and exercising on a regular basis to keep your body in a healthy state and promote healthy hair.

Start using shampoo that repairs: Ditch any shampoos that have alcohol or sulfates in favor of repairing shampoos that will help your hair stay healthy and strong. We’re big fans of L’Oreal Total Repair 5, which helps to bring dull, lifeless hair back from the dead.

Change your profile picture: Especially if your pre-haircut style looks amazing in the picture. Stop torturing yourself looking at your old hairstyle and change your profile to have a picture of your new style looking phenomenal. It’s the same logic as de-friending an ex after a breakup: Stop looking at the old pictures, and you’ll start feeling better about your new style.

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