Fergie’s Haircolor Makeover Mishap


Ok – what’s going on with Fergie‘s scalp? Normally I would agree with the artist herself that she is indeed Fergalicious! Unless this is some sort of weird optical illusion (could she be sitting under an orange light?) it looks like her scalp is stained from her recent blond to brunette transformation. This is a great example of what can happen if your scalp is excessively dry or you don’t follow the manufacturer’s directions.

When your scalp is very dry, it can have a tendency to absorb the color, which becomes very visible if you are using a dark color. You can avoid this scary scenario by doing a deep conditioning scalp and hair treatment (like Ted Gibson’s Goodnite Replenish Hair Repair Serum) the night before your color service. You should also avoid shampooing the day you are getting your color done. The natural oils from your scalp will help prevent staining.

Remember – the manufacturer puts directions on the box for a reason – if the packaging says do not apply to scalp – they mean do not apply to scalp. If you ignore that part, you might end up with a racing stripe too! If your hair color stains the skin around your hairline easily, try applying a base (available at beauty supply stores) to the skin. There are products created specifically to shield your skin from hair color, but you can just as easily use a petroleum jelly or heavy moisturizer. If you stick with these simple tips and tricks, staining will be a thing of the past!

Have you ever had an issue with a stained scalp or hairline? LMK

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