How Stars Try A New Look Before Getting The Real Makeover

Megan McIntyre

Making the decision to change up your look can be scary, especially when you’re undergoing a big transformation like a radical haircut or hair color change. Even celebrities can get nervous about makeovers. That’s why a few of them have adopted the “try before you buy” approach. From faking a bob to tiptoeing into a new haircolor, check out how these stars tried out a style before they decided to commit to the makeover.


Rihanna Goes For The Gold

Rihanna.jpgPhotos, from left: © Joe Kohen/, © Jerritt Clark/WireImage, © Marc Broussely/Redferns

Rihanna is what we like to call a beauty daredevil: She’ll try anything once, from shaving her half her head to wearing a Dionne Warwick-inspired ‘do. But she took it real slow with her recent hair color makeover. Before Rihanna got bitten by the blonde bug, she started off with just a streak of gold to her hair. By placing a strategic highlight of the color, she was considering near her hairline, Rihanna was able to tell if the color would compliment her skin tone. If you’re making a big color change like RiRi, it’s best to start with just a little color before you go whole hog. If you want to lighten your hair, first give highlights a test run–you’ll see how you look with a lighter color, but it will be easier to fix if you don’t end up liking it. Ditto for going darker, just do lowlights instead.


Jessica Stroup Takes A Short Cut

Jessica_Stroup.jpgPhotos, from left: © Jason LaVeris/, © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd., © Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Chopping off your long locks can be traumatizing, especially if you’ve had long hair all your life. 90210 star Jessica Stroup had a clever way to test out a shorter ‘do: Instead of blindly cutting her hair and hoping she liked it, she tried a faux bob first. This sneaky updo involves tucking your hair underneath itself at the nape of your neck to simulate a short cut. The stunning starlet simply folded her hair under to the desired length, pinned it and then took the new hairstyle out for a test drive. She must have loved the results, because soon after she showed up on the red carpet sporting a real bob. If you’re thinking about going short, give the faux bob a whirl–it’s a great, non-committal way to find out if a shorter hairstyle will look good on you.

One of the most foolproof ways to see if you’d like a new hairstyle or color is to download your photo into our virtual Makeover Studio and try on the potential look. You’ll be able to see exactly how a makeover will look BEFORE you take the leap (and spend the money) on a new cut or color.

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