How to Get the Just-Kissed Look (And Keep It)

Rachel Adler

Lately we’ve been seeing a lip look that is not only eye-catchingly adorable, but is also quite easy to pull off (and a great starter-lip for anyone shy of color). The “just kissed” lip, or “wine stained” lip is a look that was spotted at numerous Spring 2012 runway shows, and is now making its way to the streets.

I chatted with Lyne Desnoyers, MAC Cosmetics’ Executive Director of Makeup Artistry about the look. She agreed that it was a great technique for those that haven’t tried (or are a bit afraid) to try brighter colors because you can control the amount of color you apply.

To get the look, Desnoyers says to apply the lipstick shade with your fingers and concentrate the color in the center of your lips, patting it on your lip and then blending it out toward the edges. Make sure to blur the edges of the application (you can use a lip brush if it’s easier). Desnoyers recommends wine or burgundy lip colors to experiment with, so you have that “bleeding” effect.

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