How To Get The Au Naturel Look

Rachel Adler

Achieving that barely there makeup look that we so often see on models and on the runway may seem easy, but unless you have naturally glowing, flawless skin, it’s just not. Although the professional makeup artists make it seem like a breeze, there are some extra steps and tricks that go into making you look like you have no makeup on, when really there is quite a process that went into getting that flawless face.

Jessie Powers, makeup artist and national educator for Make Up For Ever shows us below how to get the au naturel look that we so covet.

Step 1:

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Make sure you hydrate the skin and put on a primer. Then, choose the right foundation for your skin you want to be able to see the natural skin coming through. You can use more than one color of foundation, sometimes adding dimension helps you not to look washed out.

Step 2:

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Apply with a brush and sponge combo. The brush helps to push texture around evenly and the sponge helps to press foundation into the skin and get into tight places. Buff the jawline with your sponge.

Step 3:

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You don’t want to conceal all the way under your eye if you can’t find your circles, dip your head down and look in a mirror to find the contour and conceal.

Step 4:

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Next, prep your lid with a concealer or shadow primer.

Step 5:

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Choose your light, medium and dark shadows. Use the bone colored flat shadow from brow bone in towards the crease.

Step 6:

120803 1301346672 How To Get The Au Naturel Look

Swipe the medium color across lid, then blend together. Jessie used Make Up For Ever in #157.

Step 7:

120804 1301346675 How To Get The Au Naturel Look

Sweep the darker shade into the outer corner of the eye for dimension and focus along lash line. Jessie chose Make Up For Ever in #58, and added #127. Add a light highlight color on the inner corner of the eye and curl lashes. Add mascara.

Step 8:

120805 1301346676 How To Get The Au Naturel Look

Using the Sculpting Kit on the apple of the cheeks sweep across the broad area of the cheek, forehead and on the bridge of the nose mixing both shades.

Step 9:

120806 1301346677 How To Get The Au Naturel Look

Choose a blush color so you break up the brown tones. Concentrate on the apple of your cheek.

Step 10:

120810 1301346681 How To Get The Au Naturel Look

Stick with your undertones to choose a lip color. First fill in lips with a pencil use a fleshy peach color (Aqua Lip Pencil #1C); then brush on lipstick (Rouge Artiste Intense #23), and finish with a transparent gloss (Lab Shine #M6).

Photos Courtesy of Joey D’Arco for Beauty High. Model: Sayyora, Women Direct

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