How can I look gorgeous in glasses on my wedding day?

Eva Scrivo

To find out how a bride can look sexy in specs, we went to celebrity makeup artist Chad Hayduk. Chad says:

“Many women who wear glasses think they don’t need eye makeup because their eyes are hidden behind the frames, but that is simply not true. Since lenses tend to make eyes look smaller, makeup should really be used to make her eyes look bigger, and work with the frames to draw attention to her whole eye area.

First, make sure your eyebrows are well groomed. Then, use concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone under your eyes to cover any dark circles. Glasses cast a shadow under the eyes which can make any dark circles look worse than they actually are.

When selecting eyeshadow, try a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone with a hint of shimmer to make your eyes sparkle. Then, try my Three Custom Color Light Clarifier Pencil on the inner rim of the lower lid to whiten, brighten and make your eyes look big and beautiful. Next, add a dash of eyeliner on the upper lid and then a bit of mascara (too much can cause lashes to hit your lenses) to emphasize your eyes. Finish with a dab of a light-reflecting champagne shimmer eyeshadow right near the tear duct to reduce the shadow on the bridge of your nose. All these tips will ensure you’ll be gorgeous in glasses on your wedding day!”

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Chad Hayduk Headshot How can I look gorgeous in glasses on my wedding day?

About This Wedding Expert: Chad Hayduk is a beauty industry expert who combined his expertise in makeup artistry and education to launch the now-legendary Three Custom Color Specialists makeup line with business partners Trae Bodge and Scott Catto. Chad has created custom-blended solutions for celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Toni Collette and Hillary Clinton and his work has appeared in magazines, numerous films, and television, in photo shoots and print campaigns for designers like Matthew Williamson and Teri Jon and on the theatre stage.

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