How To Apply Stick-On Eyeliners

Amanda Elser
How To Apply Stick-On Eyeliners
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Sometimes we really think the bane of our existence is liquid liner. Impossible to maneuver and even harder to keep on, we can never get the exact look we want. That is why when we heard about this new stick-on liner fad we knew we had to test it out. So we coerced our handy-dandy JTM (Junior Team Member) Emma Sayles into testing Eye Rock (a stick-on eyeliner brand hailing from the same company that created Nail Rock). We take you through the steps above, but be warned — this was one of the more subdued prints so unless you’re into thick and exaggerated eye looks this press-on look may not be for you.

Check out the look above and let us know what you think about press-on makeup!

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