Hot Or Weird: Cat-Inspired Beauty?

Megan Segura
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I recently spotted a woman in the subway wearing jeans, a navy blue t-shirt and a pair of cat ears. While this isn’t exactly shocking attire for New York City (I once saw a man in a thong with a smile and not much else), the feline-inspired headband definitely took me by surprise, but the woman didn’t appear to be wearing it as a costume or a bold statement. Apparently, she just liked the look of kitten ears, and she’s not the only one…

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Cat-inspired beauty and fashion items continue to pounce onto the scene. As a cat fanatic, I’m actually quite pleased with the new trend, but I can’t help but wonder, why the sudden fascination? Here are some of the most popular cat products on the market now:

1. Paul And Joe Kitty Blusher Stick Limited Edition Spring 2012 ($28,
These little cheek colors come in a lipstick that is shaped into a cat with a top hat. Does makeup get any cuter than that?

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2. Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Perfume ($58,
The iconic white cat is back in cosmetic form in an exclusive line with Sephora. While the bottle may look like something that belongs in a child’s bedroom, the scent is surprisingly adult-friendly.

3. ASOS Cat Ears Headband ($19.88,
These golden ears are delicate enough to be worn every day without too many stares, while still maintaining their slinky look.

Would you ever try out a cat-tastic look, or will you hold out until Halloween?

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