Two Simple Ways to Keep Your Headband in Place

Shannon Farrell

We love a good headband—easy to apply (just swipe it on) and it dresses up the simplest of styles. Plus, it does have a certain holiday feel to it. What we don’t love—it’s impossible to keep in place. We spotted two styles on the red carpet that eliminate this dreaded headband problem. Check ‘em out below.

Amy Adams

Photo: Getty Images

Amy Adams brought us back to the 90s with this headband look. (Does anyone else remember those claw hair wraps?) Easy to apply, the claws pull the hair back and don’t move forward at all. However, it will leave a zig zag dent. So if you put this on in the morning, you’ll be keeping it on all day.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Photo: Getty Images

Sarah Michelle Gellar demonstrates how to avoid a dent and the hair from sliding into a bump. Leaving loose strands in front of the band keeps it from moving. Choosing a looser headband, like the diamond encrusted one she’s sporting here, doesn’t dent the hair. It’s more like hair jewelry than your typical headband because it doesn’t pull the hair back, but sits on top of the head instead.

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