Makeover Alert! Hilary Duff Goes White Blonde

Rachel Krause
Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

There’s a time in every celebrity’s life when they decide to ditch whatever tame hair color they had been rocking as of late in favor of white blonde. For Hilary Duff, that time has come.

The former “Lizzie McGuire” actress (sorry, Hil, but that’s how we’ll always remember you—it’s a good thing!) posted a photo of her updated look to Twitter last night, and we love it. It’s very classic Hollywood, with her perfectly sculpted darker brows and fair skin, but Hilary’s colorist left the illusion of just enough roots to make it appear natural.

We have to hand it to her not only for taking the platinum leap, but for also acknowledging just how difficult it is to get there—even when, like Hilary, you’re already blonde. “[My stylist] murdered my color today 5 hrs. 100+ foils,” she Tweeted. We honestly don’t know if we could ever sit in a stylist’s chair for that long, so for now we’ll just have to live vicariously through Hilary’s blonde ambition… not that we’re complaining.


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