You CAN Highlight Relaxed Hair–Here’s How!


There are a few things I always consider the best complements:

  • When a guest tells me everyone loves her hair color and she gets complements wherever she goes
  • When a new client comes in that was referred to me by a girlfriend who’s hair I color
  • When a guest comes to me for color, then tries someone else and comes back to me.

The third is the story with Alexis. I colored Alexis’s hair about 3 years ago. When she came in, honestly I didn’t remember her – come on, three years??? That’s a LONG TIME!!! I will not forget her again though because she gave me such a great complement – She said she had been all over the city having her color done but always compared it to what I did for her in the past! Welcome back sunshine!!

Alexis has a relaxer in her hair and wants her hair lighter with highlights. A lot of people believe you can’t highlight relaxed hair – NOT TRUE!!! You absolutely can lighten relaxed hair – you just have to be cautious. Lightening relaxed hair you need to follow the rules and pay attention.

Take a look at the video I made of Alexis’s color with my Flip. What do you think??? LMK

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