High vs. Low: Get the Luxe Candle You Want For Half the Price

Danielle Emig

fall candles High vs. Low: Get the Luxe Candle You Want For Half the Price

While we love rewarding ourselves with new beauty products, sometimes we have to cut back on spending and forego the more pricey items on our wish list. “High vs. Low” is our way of sharing similar products so you can shop for less.

Some of our favorite beauty companies create more than just makeup and hair products—and when they introduce new tools or accessories, we can’t wait to jump on board. Candles are a great housewarming or holiday gift or you can purchase them to make your room more cozy and sensual, especially during the colder months.

We love NARS candles that are encased in red, black, or white glass with the NARS logo and have a sweet yet seductive smell, but the price puts the candle onto our wish list instead of into our hands. If you’re like us, once you find a product you love, you can’t stop thinking about until you have it. So we went searching for something that would still satisfy our needs but with a more wallet-friendly price tag.

Instead, try Origins Keep Calm or Stress Diffusing Candle. They come in a classic glass container and they’re made of all natural essential oils. Burn times for NARS and Origins is similar, so you’ll get the same bang for your buck. Keep Calm smells like lavender, rosemary, and jasmine, and the Stress Diffusing has a scent of peppermint, basil, and rosemary. Whichever one you choose, you can enjoy one of your favorite beauty companies and make your room (or any room) fragrant and peaceful.

Price Comparison: Origins Keep Calm, $32, origins.com; NARS Jaipur Candle, $50, barneys.com

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