Rock A Cap & Tassle With No Hassle

Ami Dia
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Photo: © (Victoria Justice) Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage
(Dakota Fanning) Frazer Harrison/Getty Images For BAFTA Los Angeles
(Miranda Cosgrove) Larry Busacca/Getty Images for EJAF

Let’s be honest, graduation hats aren’t fashionable. More often than not they’re uncomfortable, they look silly and they don’t fit right. But don’t worry Class of 2011, with our tips and inspiration from some fellow celeb graduates like Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove and Dakota Fanning we’ll have you lookin’ rad at grad.

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Keep It Smooth And Sleek

Whether your graduation ceremony is indoors or outdoors, make sure your hair is smoothed down and sleek—especially on the top of your head–to avoid winding up with the dreaded hat hair. Grad caps can be a little snug sometimes and if you go for an overly-teased crown or voluminous look you just might wind up with a hot mess when it comes time to toss it. A straight, glossy hairstyle like Victoria Justice will look great and last for the entire pomp and circumstance.

Stick A Pin In It

Things that are “one size fits all” are usually code for “way too huge” or “way too small.” It’s no surprise then, that graduation caps often fall into the category of one or the other. If your hat is too big try keeping it in place by sticking a few bobby pins in the back. Hide them underneath your hair like Miranda Cosgrove so they don’t stick out.

Keep Your Hair In Front

Some people like to go all out for graduation from their makeup to their shoes to their hair. If you’re one to rock a ponytail day after day there’s no reason to completely switch up your style, but be weary against having your hair tied back. It might seem low-maintenance and carefree, but in pictures it’ll come off as a little too casual. Keeping your hair down and in front will give you that picture-perfect look like Dakota Fanning.

Try on graduation caps in the Makeover Studio!

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