Hide Your Latisse: Balding Men Are Now Applying It To Heads

Rachel Adler

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Latisse has always been able to create some news, and once again the lash-growing product has caused quite a stir. Not only will Latisse give you mile-long lashes, but apparently it can also help balding men get their hair back.

According to an article written in the New York Times, men have been applying Latisse to their bald spots or dabbing it along their hairline to stimulate hair growth. Dr. Alan Bauman, a dermatologist and hair-restoration specialist said that “Where patients were applying Latisse, especially in areas where the hair was thinner and wispier and less pigmented, the hair grew thicker, stronger and healthier.” But don’t run out for prescriptions for your significant others just yet. He also noted that for 70 percent of patients, it will make hair grow thicker, darker and stronger where the hair follice is still alive but once the follice is dead, it won’t change a thing.

So yes, it may be worth a shot if you’re desperate, and it is FDA- approved, but we wonder does the whole brown spot thing happen on your head too?

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