Herbal Essences’ Charles Baker Strahan’s Hair Tips For Fall

Amanda Elser

Fact: Fall is the perfect time of year to to change up your ‘do for something bold and new. Knowing that most people like to experiment with color and texture with each season, I decided to touch base with Herbal Essences’ celebrity hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan (the man behind Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester’s envious locks)to get his opinion on how you can carry your hairdo through this transition.

What products or treatments do you recommend for reviving your hair for fall?

I love the newTouchably Smooth shampoo and conditioner fromHerbalEssences. It mimics the hair’s natural protective layer, locking out extra humidity to maintain its natural moisture balance, and the conditioner has a built-in smoothing serum which helps control frizz, keeping hair smooth.

What are your favorite styles and hair trends for the new season?

Strong shapes in haircuts that feel 60’s and 70’s inspired, Clean glossy locks that look well-manicured.

What are the biggest words of advice you have for your clients?

Don’t try too hard. When you are styling take inspiration from what you like but don’t be too literal; watch what happens because you may find something that you like better than what you started with.

How do you determine the right style and products for a client?

I get inspiration from a person’s character, how they dress, what music they listen to…literally theessenceof who they are. The thing that is universal is that hydration is the key to performance and beauty; maintaining the proper moisture balance helps to ensure success with your styling products and over all finished look.

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