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Does Heidi Montag’s New Face Make Her Look Older?

Does Heidi Montag’s New Face Make Her Look Older?

After we’ve been staring at Heidi Montag‘s new face for a few weeks now, we’ve come to an agreement here at Daily Makeover HQ: She looks older than the hills. Older even than The Hills. We thought Heidi 1.0 and even Heidi 2.0 were pretty fabulous, but the aspiring songbird underwent a series of ten surgeries at once, ranging from a mini brow lift to buttock augmentation. She emerged weeks later fully recovered and rocking a facade that looks inspired by Gisele, but we worry it’s only a hop and a skip from entering the city limits of Jocelyn Wildensteinville.

heidi montag 2.jpg

Before -circa May 2009
Photo: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

After- circa February 2010
Photo: Photo: © David Becker/Getty Images

What is it about Heidi’s chiseled look that ages her? We turned to a professional to find out and asked Dr. Nina Naidu, a New York City plastic and reconstructive surgeon and creator of Anokha Skin Care. Says Naidu, “Heidi looks more mature, rather than older. It’s a result of the brow being lifted which has given her a more classical look from the eyes up.”

Naidu praises Heidi’s rhinoplasty pointing out that it looks “very nice and natural.” However, she notes that Heidi’s received a lot of surgery in one sitting. Notes Naidu, “This is something that I actively discourage with my own patients.”

What do you think of Heidi’s new look? Is she the prototype of a beautiful Hollywood gal? Or do you miss the old Heidi–“Leno chin” and all? Tell us in the comments!

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