Tweet Tips: Healthy Hair Secrets


One of the biggest beauty issues most women face in the winter months is dry, damaged hair. We asked our beauty addicted Twitter followers to share their secrets for keeping hair healthy, soft and strong. Here, their tips in 140 characters or less:

  • BB-creme-de-coco
  • Dove-Heat-Resistant-Shine-Spray
  • moroccan-oil
  • fekkai-shea-butter-mask
  • bb sunday shampoo Tweet Tips: Healthy Hair Secrets
  1. 1. The creme de coco mask by bumble and bumble is amazing for all hair types. Also dont over wash your hair! –brihel
  2. 2. I use dry shampoo whenever I can & deep conditioner every shower. Love anything with protein + condit from hair dye kits! –makeovermomma
  3. 3. If you’re going to be outside all day skiing or sledding, douse your hair with spray-on conditioner and rinse out when inside. –bathroomhogs
  4. 4. To make hair healthy and strong – all the obvious things – good genes, good diet, Pantene, no bleaching, no teasing be gentle. –stylistAnnalisa
  5. 5. I use Ojon hair mask once a week and always use Dove Heat Resistant Spraypinkdivamua
  6. 6. Warm coconut oil. Makes my hair shiny and keeps my scalp flake free! –IndianGirl
  7. 7. Olive oil & honey deep conditioning treatment, WEEKLY! put on a plastic cap & keep it on for an hour… results = SOFT HAIR! –meaganshea
  8. 8. Healthy looking hair comes from being healthy. Eat right, feel right, and ultimately look right. Protein definitely helps. –vivitone
  9. 9.Wash every other day, lay off on heat tools & if you must, use a dry shampoo to make it last longer! –TheSmokeyEye
  10. 10. Warm not hot water, sulfate-free sham, blowouts only when necessary and Morrocan Oil fo’ show!- BeautyBreak
  11. 11. I keep my hair looking good with deep conditioners once a week and trims. I also keep it away from the flatiron! –HairGirlDenver
  12. 12. Warm oil massage for hair at night b4 bedtime, next morning apply steamed towel for 20mins–shampoo, best oils r coconut,jojoba –ayuexpressions
  13. 13. LOL – it’s about 2 inches long. how could it NOT be healthy? 🙂 Before: Feria conditioner and washes every 3 days, no more. –jen_bsb
  14. 14. In a 6-8 week cycle you should be getting a deep conditioning trmt and a deep protein trmt. You will see the diff in ur hair –KEKA05
  15. 15. I use the Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask and leave it on for 30 mins every couple weeks. Works great! – VampyVarnish
  16. 16. Instead of blowing your hair out with a damaging blowdryer, let it air dry and then touch up the ends with a curling iron –glambr
  17. 17. Prenatal vitamins and hot oil treatments! –DCShoeDiva
  18. 18. Do not wash your hair everyday…i do mine every third day…keeps my hair healthy and happy –juliafofulia
  19. 19. Once a week, B&B Clarifying shampoo to remove all excess product, then CremedeCoco conditioning mask. Follow with MoroccanOil –pfpicardi
  20. 20. I heat up some olive oil at home, then apply it on my hair when it’s warm/cool, then i keep it on for the whole day. –AbrarAlBastaki

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