The Perfect Photo-Ready Face in 5 Minutes

Rachel Krause


Regardless of whether you’re the type of effortlessly photogenic person who has no problem posing for every photo or the type to avoid a camera’s lens like the plague, what it comes down to is this: we all want to look our best in pictures, especially when we know we’ll be caught in a lot of them. This is especially true of the season—summer means parties, weddings, family gatherings, and more, so the flash of the camera is never more prevalent.

Unfortunately, looking good in real life and looking good in photos don’t always translate. All too frequently, a radiance-enhancing foundation turns slick and shiny on film, or the powder we use every day turns chalky and emphasizes every little dry spot. It makes sense, then, that celebrities prefer high-definition makeup—when you know you’re going to be photographed, you don’t want to take your chances with an oily face or foundation settled into your fine lines. If only we could be guaranteed the same appearance of smooth-skinned perfection!

Newsflash: just because you don’t have a red carpet to walk or a professional makeup artist on hand doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of high-definition formulas. They’re perfect for weddings and special occasions because they photograph so beautifully, and unlike the old, spackle-esque powders and foundations that used to be favored in Hollywood, the latest incarnations look flawless both on camera and in person. They’re easier to apply and master than formulas past, which means that anyone can look camera-ready, any time.

Need proof? Try this recipe for the five-minute face that will give you total photo-ready perfection. Start with your primer of choice, then pick up an HD foundation—our favorite is Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15, an incredibly lightweight, light-diffusing HD formula that offers sheer-to-medium coverage. Sheer coverage may sound like something you don’t want to be wearing on camera, but because you can built it up, add more where you need it, and top it off with concealer, it’s far preferable to too much coverage, which looks just as flat and one-dimensional in photos as it does in real life.

We’re partial to using a damp Beauty Blender to apply and blend foundation, as it’s intended specifically to apply high-definition makeup. Moistening the sponge allows makeup to sit on top of it rather than be absorbed for flawless blending. Blending is key here—blend, blend, blend everything until it looks totally seamless. Use the tip of the sponge to dab and blend MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Concealer anywhere you need it: under the eyes, on the sides of the nose, and on any blemishes or scars.

Top it all off with a light-handed dusting of It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Silk HD Anti-Aging Micro Powder, our favorite oil-absorbing, pore-shrinking powder—it’s formulated for mature skin, so it’s guaranteed not to emphasize fine lines or dryness. Once you’ve perfected your base, you’re pretty much in the clear for perfectly even, soft-focus skin on camera and off. Just groom your brows, finish off your eye makeup, swirl on blush, and add a touch of lipstick or gloss. We’re not going to say you’ll be the star of every photo, but … okay, you’ll be the star of every photo.

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