Hayden Panettiere’s Easy Hair

Hayden_Panettiere_short_hair.jpg (400x600)

Photo: © RD/Crisler/Retna Digital

Hayden Panettiere thinks her new pixie haircut is “daring.” The 20-year-old beauty–who has tried a number of different hairstyles including auburn tresses and a longer, wavy look–says she was not scared to chop her flowing locks off and says it was “easy.”

She said: “It wasn’t scary. I’m pretty spontaneous. I like abrupt changes – it excites me.

“I love it–it’s daring and it’s easier for me. You always try and find your own sense of style, so when I chopped my hair off I felt like I was my own self my own way. I didn’t feel like I was trying emulate anyone. I felt very me.”

The Heroes star has previously revealed her battle to maintain a trim physique, and claimed her size four body was a “nightmare” to work on.

She said: “Sometimes I give in to my cravings but if you’re a size four, you have to watch what you eat most of the time. It’s a nightmare! I’ve got this voice in my head saying, ‘Carbs, carbs, carbs! Pizza and pasta are best!’ and I’m always fighting to turn it off.”

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