Have you heard of a Starter Wife?

Megan McIntyre

Well Gibson Girls, I am sure some of you may have experienced this situation. It isn’t the easiest thing to bring up, but it happens. Let’s talk about it. A “starter wife” is a woman who gets married and supports her husband when he is nothing…supports him during medical school, taking the bar exam, etc. Then, after getting him to where he is very successful and making tons of money, he divorces her and gets another wife. Usually the new wife looks just like the old wife, but she is younger. Has this happened to you? Tell me about it. I would love to hear your story.

Debra_Messing+Oct_23_2008.jpgDebra Messing is a Gibson Girl and I did her for the View a few weeks ago. You can watch it here on youtube. Doesn’t she look amazing? Love her! She is just like you see her.

I also did Debra for an event for the Fashion Group International party honoring really amazing designers like Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein. She wore kaufmanfranco and looked incredible.The reason I bring Deb up is that she stars in a show on this very subject called The Starter Wife on USA network. It is a brilliant show and don’t miss it. TIVO if you have too.

See how shiny Deb Messing’s hair is? I used Build It Blowdrying Agent, thenTame It Shine Lotion to add brilliant shine to those beautiful tresses. Tip: If you want shiny hair always rinse with cool water.

And as always, Beauty Is Individual.


Credit: SGP Italia srl/WireImage.com

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