Halloween Costume Idea: Learn How to Get a Modern Twiggy Look

Halloween Costume Idea: Learn How to Get a Modern Twiggy Look
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The clock is ticking to find your perfect Halloween costume, and we know how much pressure there is to show up at a party with an amazing idea. If you’re aiming for a fun, feminine look instead of going the scarier route, the classic Twiggy makeup is always a hit. This year, we decided to make Twiggy’s usual drawn on lashes look a bit more modern by giving it a black and white edge.

Because there’s no better way to learn how to do Halloween makeup than going to the professionals, we turned to MAC Cosmetics senior makeup artist Fatima Thomas at the MAC Pro Store in New York City, who walked us through the entire look while giving tips for getting Twiggy’s look at home. In 10 simple steps, you’ll be able to get this look at home. Fair warning, though, you’ll probably be swatting away the Instagram paparazzi at all of those Halloween parties. Flip through the steps above to learn how to get Twiggy’s look for Halloween!

Photography: Amy Beckerman
Makeup: Fatima Thomas, MAC Cosmetics
Model: Jaclyn Sciara

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