The Seriously Scary Halloween Contact Lens Danger

The Seriously Scary Halloween Contact Lens Danger
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Knows what’s scarier than a bloody-eyed zombie on Halloween? A bloody-eyed real person who made an overzealous attempt at a *~SpOoKy~* Halloween costume, resulting in corneal scratches and horrendous eye infections. And if you try to use novelty contact lenses this Halloween, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be the scariest person at your party (and probably in life), thanks to the dangers they pose to your eyeballs.

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This week, the College of Optometrists released a warning to all Halloween lovers, saying that those creepy cool contact lenses you bought from the internet, or that mall holiday shop, or your sister’s friend’s friend can seriously mess with your eyes, due the fact that they aren’t properly fitted for your eyeballs by professionals.

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“Most people think that you don’t need the same level of care when using novelty contact lenses as you do with ordinary contact lenses, because they don’t have a prescription,” says Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, Clinical Adviser for the College of Optometrists. But, he continues, “fancy dress lenses are often purchased by people who do not wear contacts regularly and who may not know how to handle and care for them safely.”

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Credit: Instagram | @camoeyes

Sounds like boring jargon, but the consequences can be awful, like deep corneal scratches or infections—neither of which are easily healed. And, sure, you might have worn some creepy contacts in the past with no issues, but do you really want to chance it again, just for one night? If you wouldn’t wear shoes three sizes too small just for the sake of Halloween, why would you wear crappy, too-small contacts on your eyeballs?

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