Revolutionary Trendsetter Guido Palau Talks Style

Amanda Elser

Some call him the “Babe Ruth of the fashion world”, we just call him a hair rockstar – either way Guido Palau is probably the most influential hairstylist of our generation.

One of the most sought after hairstylists during Fashion Week, Palau has worked with some of the biggest fashion houses and power publications. And when it comes to hair, he is simply the best.

Palau sat down with Beauty Inc. and this is what he had to say on fashion, inspiration and the allure of doing hair:

On inspiration:

“I’m like a sponge…style comes from everywhere. You just have to be open to it and take it all in. I learned hairdressing in the 80s in England, a powerful style decade and there were many different street culture styles very quickly in succession and a lot of creativity in hair.”

On the craziness of Fashion Week:

“They don’t seem to be seasons anymore. I’ve just done 12 shows in Europe – the men’s shows, the couture shows and now it’s New York. I start my first test tomorrow and it’s only been a week since I did my last show.”

On the state of beauty: 

“All the no-nos in beauty are really out the window, which is exciting. The Nineties broke that down and now people are very open to looking at anything, from the extreme to the very undone, very messy, very disheveled, very wet, very dry, very matte, very frizzy. Everything can be made beautiful and that’s great from me, because it means I can work with many different shapes and textures. There are no boundaries.”

On being a hairdresser: 

“For the feel-good factor, it’s a great job. But what I actually like about hair is I can create a character with it, a mystery, an attitude, a fantasy.”

On working with designers and the future of fashion: 

“It’s not about saying yes or no, it’s about playing the game well with your teammates…The fashion business is about moving forward, so you have to be on that train and move with it.”

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