Natural Makeup + Sexy Hair = Knockout Beauty!

Rachel Hayes

Female Australian Celebrities From left to right: Nicole Kidman, Rose Byrne, Naomi Watts, Miranda Kerr. Photos: @Getty Images

Australia has no shortage of sexy female celebrities. From the older generation of Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and Elle Macpherson to the young up-and-comers like Rose Byrne and Miranda Kerr, it seems that Aussie women like to keep their beauty style natural, but with a sexy twist, which is usually all about the hair. While their makeup styles are typically a healthy rosy glow or maybe a bold lip on an otherwise bare face, their hair exudes sexiness via lush washes, incredible shine, or a perfectly tousled texture. The point: Simple makeup + sexy hair = knockout gorgeous.

I probably wouldn’t have really noticed this Aussie beauty secret until I learned that Daily Makeover’s iPhone app, Hairstyle Wizard, in which you can upload of picture of yourself and instantly try on the latest celebrity hairstyles, has recently surged to the top of the charts of iTunes Lifestyle Apps in Australia, and is actually the 5th most popular app overall Down Under, beating out my current obsession, Draw Something, and right behind Instagram. WOW!

Hairstyle Wizard iPhone App

Which made us ask, why do Aussies find the Hairstyle Wizard to be so awesome? Obviously Australian’s understand the power of gorgeous hair. One reviewer said: “I loved this. I’m a hairdresser and it was so much fun. It is a great way of knowing how you look blonde, brunette, red, black, and designing your own styles. A great tool to use in my salon.” I’d like to point out that not only can you try on different hair colors, but the Hairstyle Wizard can also help you find the right hairstyles for different occasions. Going to a chic cocktail party or on a first date? Tell the Hairstyle Wizard your destination, hair length and personal style, then it’ll recommend hot-off-the-red-carpet hairstyles for you to road test in just a few finger swipes.

Download the Hairstyle Wizard now!

Another reviewer said: “Find no fault! I’d suggest maybe a larger database of hairstyles and a few new categories, but I’m happy with it either way!” Well, we agree–and with these words of encouragement, women around the world (not just Australia!) can look forward to more hairstyles, more categories, and more fun from the Hairstyle Wizard.

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