6 Hair Brushes Every Girl Should Have

6 Hair Brushes Every Girl Should Have
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Every time we go to a salon we’re amazed at the amount of brushes they use to create our perfect look, but we never really understood what they were all for or what they did. But after attending numerous events and prodding hairstylist until they spill their secrets, we’ve figured out the special functions of each hair brush and why they should be in every girl’s bathroom.

From start to finish, these hair brushes are the key ingredients for your perfect hair-day. You may not realize what an effect a comb could have to your hair vs a paddle brush, but take the time to test run these products and you’ll be amazed at how healthy and shiny your hair will become!

Check out the slideshow above for 6 must-have hair brushes to add to your collection for under $18! 

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