Hair411: I Brought a Picture


…..Ah, the appropriateness of pictures. I’ve always sensed this uncomfortable energy from my clients when they inform me that they have brought along a picture as if they are ashamed. Well, follow these simple guidelines and you will be whipping those pictures out with pride.

First of all, we must remember that pictures are to be used as references only. Your hairdresser cannot and will not make you look just like the picture. Identify your likes and dislikes in the picture. Remember it is equally important to verbalize your dislikes to your hairdresser so they know what NOT to do.

Multiple pictures are even better. You may like bangs on one model, highlights on another and a specific haircut on another. Get my drift? Create your ideal look before you even step foot into the salon. The experts will guide you in the right direction from there. They will be the first ones to tell you what will work and what won’t work. Good luck and have fun.

Stay tuned next time for Consultation Catastrophes …..Making Sure you are Getting The Most out Of Your Service

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