You’re Doing It Wrong: Applying Hair Product

Megan Segura



If you’ve tried every hair product under the sun only to be disappointed, the trouble could be with how you’re applying it, rather than the product itself, says¬†Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist Marcus Francis.

“For example, they take a dollop of mousse, mix together with their hands, and apply to the hairline at the front,” says Francis. “That’s just too much product for the area you stare at the most. Plus, the hair around your face is finer by comparison to the rest of the hair on your head.”

So how do you correct this common mistake? “It’s a simple step, but whether it be a mousse or a pomade, start at the back of your head first when applying your styling products. Then the amount that’s remaining on your hands can still be worked into the hair on top and around the face showing the results you need. Of course, if you need a bit more to cover the front, use sparingly.”

Marcus also gives pointers for dealing with products that have spray applicators. “Apply the product section by section, and this doesn’t have to be in a meticulous way that you think only professionals do. They can be uneven, crooked, vertical, horizontal, whatever way you can comfortably cover the product throughout the hair.”

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