A Mile-High Makeover!


Ted Gibson was waiting for his flight home from Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago and started talking with Kathy, a flight attendant for American Airlines. After chit-chatting for a bit, she walked over to the podium and arranged for Ted to be moved to first class – JACKPOT! She ended up serving Ted for the whole flight and the chat continued. Ted mentioned he would love to cut her hair and have me make her a red-head. The next thing you know she and her son flew to NYC for a weekend in the city and a stop by the Ted Gibson Salon for a makeover!

Kathy had been wearing her hair in basically the same style since high school – super blonde and nearly to her waist. Because it was so blonde and very porous, I had to do the color in several steps. First I filled her hair. Filling is what we call it when we replace the gold and orange tones previously removed in the lightening process. Hair color is manufactured assuming it is going to be placed on virgin hair, which has gold and orange in it. Because of that, if I didn’t fill her hair with the missing tones first the color would look pastel or muddy.

Now Kathy’s hair was ready for the next step, the single process. I used my new obsession INOA–the revolutionary ammonia free hair color from L’Oreal. Both Ted and Kathy wanted to see some variation so I added a partial highlight for movement and dimension. Kathy still wasn’t quite feeling it however. She thought it was beautiful but it felt too red and too bold for her. That’s when I added the final touch – a few more highlights to soften the base color and give her the strawberry blonde she had envisioned for herself. She looked amazing and, even better, she felt amazing! I love my job!!!

We always say “Beauty Changes Lives”–how has it changed yours? LMK!

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