You’re Doing It Wrong: Brushing Your Hair

Megan Segura


When hair starts to look damaged, people will turn to extreme measures to repair it—a better diet, supplements, pricey treatments—but the real cause of lackluster hair can be as simple as brushing your hair the wrong way. Suave stylist Jenny Cho reveals that “not brushing hair properly” is one of the most common hair mistakes she sees women making.

Brushing hair while wet is a big no-no, since hair is in its most fragile state. Cho says, “To detangle hair when it’s dry, start from the ends and work your way up. You will end up damaging hair and causing breakage by yanking knots out.”

To make the process even easier, Cho suggests misting your brush with a light oil spray, like Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Light Oil Spray with Macadamia Oil ($7.09,, to help brush through tangles and smooth hair.

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