Hair Accessories For Your Ponytail: Cuffs, Headbands and More

Hair Accessories For Your Ponytail: Cuffs, Headbands and More
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While the hair professionals can make any basic ponytail look exciting and fresh, sometimes it takes us a little extra effort to reach the same level off the runway. While a polished pony can make a statement, often times that statement is just “this is boring,” which is something we never want our hair to say. Plus, hitting the balance is never easy: too much time spent perfecting each strand, and it can look stuffy and shellacked. Too much casual-cool mussing, and you can overshoot “grunge” into “greaseball,” which is dangerous territory to say the least.

The easiest way to shortcut a pony while still standing out? Stock up on hair accessories, and no one’ll ever know it only took five minutes. So here, our favorite ponytail holders and headbands in every price range. There’s a pony wave coming, and we’re ready to ride it.

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