Great Gym Hairstyles: How to Make Hair Stay Put During a Workout

Shannon Farrell

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Aside from the fact that the unruly, post-gym hair tends to wreak havoc on our evening plans, having hair that won’t behave during a workout is just plain annoying. The last thing you want to do is spend time pushing strand of hair out of your face while you’re also trying to keep up a six-minute mile pace on the treadmill.

We caught up with celebrity hair stylist Josue Perez (who’s worked with Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, to name a few) to get some easy tips on gym hairstyles that keep hair in place during the hardest of workouts.

The Updated Pony
Keep your ponytail sleek so it doesn’t budge. “Start by using a brush and an elastic band, positioning how high you would like the ponytail to be,” says Perez. When pulling hair straight back, go light on styling products. “Most hair products are oil based,” he says. “Therefore when you sweat, the oil runs into your skin and can contribute to break outs.” Instead, opt for a headband or apply dry shampoo at the root for hold.

The Bulletproof Top Knot
For an all-day knot, tease the hair at the ends. “When the hair is a little fluffy, it will hold better in the knot,” says Perez, who also recommends using a foam hair donut. “They not only keep the bun in place, but they also create the perfect knot circle.” Finish with bobby pins (if needed) and dry shampoo to keep hair neat and in place.

Tight Knit Braids
Braids are the perfect gym hairstyle option because when folded tightly, there’s nothing moving them. Whether you opt for a French braid, waterfall braid or fishtail braid, they’ll last the entire run or yoga class. Two styles Perez recommends:

  • “First, make hair into a ponytail and then tie the ponytail into a braid. You can either leave it down to show off the braid, or wrap it up to make a detailed bun.”
  • “Braid the front of your hair (think a thick braid along the hairline), leading into a sleek ponytail for a dual-look hairstyle.”

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