Guilt-free Solution for Choco-holics


In preparation for this week’s slew of holiday parties and charity events, this weekend I went to get a much needed manicure-pedicure. I decided to check out recently recommended Haven Spa on Mercer Street. Being that it’s on the same street as Marni and Marc Jacobs I’m not sure how I’ve missed it all these years. It’s a quite large spa located down a half flight of stairs immediately next to Vera Wang. Possibly because I hadn’t had anything to eat yet, but more likely because I opt for anything that involves chocolate, I asked for the new Hot Cocoa Manicure Pedicure.

After being ushered in to a serene room, my feet were submerged in a warm chocolaty milk bath. As I relaxed, my feet and legs were scrubbed with a cocoa exfoliant. This is the point where I noticed the other clients starting to look longingly at me and my sweet smelling treatment. Then as I was given a massage with Plum’s new all-natural cocoa butter lotion, even I started to salivate. Going with the theme I picked a dark mocha colored polish and admired the technician’s very meticulous application. I left very much ready for lunch, and confidant that the manicure was going to last through all of the week’s celebrations.

Haven is located at 150 Mercer Street 212.343.3515

Hot Cocoa Manicure + Pedicure (75 minutes): $60



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