6 Times You Should Post a Selfie (And 4 Times You Never Should)

Augusta Falletta

These days, when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, selfies are more common than not. Thanks to front-facing cameras and all of the social media platforms that make picture sharing almost too fun, selfies are all over the place. While we love a good selfie — because how could we not take a picture of our perfect matte red lipstick from the weekend? — there are some moments when you should totally post them, and others when you should put the iPhone down.

As a general guideline, below are 10 instances when selfies are possible, including six times you should post, and four times you absolutely should not.

6 Times You Should Post a Selfie: 

1. Right after you get your makeup done at a beauty counter: Whether you’re getting your makeup done for a special event (ahem, prom!) or you’re just testing out some of the newest products at Sephora, getting your makeup done by a professional calls for a selfie.

2. When you and your best friend have amazing matching fishtail braids: Or when you and your best friend are both wearing any amazing hairstyle, really. Two is better than one, and if you have the skills to nail the fishtail braid down, show them off.

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3. The moment you finally master the cat eye on the first try: If you get to that wonderful, glorious moment of getting the wings of your cat eye perfect on the first shot, you put that up on Instagram and be proud. Even if it’s a fluke and the next day you still need to do some clean up work with a cotton swab, take pride in the moment of amazing eyeliner.

4. When you’re having the ultimate good hair day: It doesn’t matter if you spent 40 minutes styling your hair or if you magically woke up Beyonce style, looking flawless. When you’re having a good hair day, you should share that happiness with the world.

5. When your lipstick color and nail polish coordinate perfectly: There’s nothing classier than matching lips and tips — or just a really fun color combination of lipstick and nail polish, for that matter — and when you’ve got the whole look down, Instagram deserves to see it.

6. Your birthday: Because your birthday is a special day that marks a new chapter of life, and it’s typically the day we spend the most time getting our beauty look just right. It’s a special moment you’ll love looking back on, so why not put that on your page?

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4 Times You Absolutely Shouldn’t:

1. Before you clean up the edges of your cuticles: Any time we paint our nails (and especially if we’re doing nail art) the second we’re done, we want to assume the claw position with our fingers and take a nail selfie. The only hold up? Making sure that the manicure looks smooth and clean. Stop for a minute to clean up your cuticles and fingers before you post a picture of your nails.

2. When you’re at the salon with foils in your hair: Sure, these make for hilarious Snap Chats, but leave the foil pictures off of your social media networks in favor of the snapshot of the final product.

3. When you’re doing a face mask at home on a Friday night: Face masks should be special “you” time, and besides that, no one looks cute when they’ve got a mud/clay/gel mask all over their skin.

4. Right after spin class: Or any physical activity that leaves your skin glistening and your hair stuck to your face. This is one of those pictures that will absolutely come back to haunt you if you post it on social media.

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