Gucci’s New Makeup Line is Full of Innovative, High Quality Products

Augusta Falletta
gucci makeup


Just saying the word “Gucci” make us think of luxury and beauty, so it’s no wonder that the iconic fashion brand debuted their first makeup line with luxury in mind. After almost 100 years of history, Gucci’s cosmetic line has become the perfect extension into accessories for ladies who love high-quality, fashionable products.

Created under the creative direction of Frida Giannini and with the expertise of Gucci makeup artist Pat McGrath, the line fuses together the history of the brand with the knowledge from one of the most legendary makeup artists in history. When the two combined, magic was made.

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We recently had the chance to test out the collection and, unsurprisingly, each product is made with the utmost care and technology to be one of the most innovative products on the market. Products titled “long wear” are just that — the eyeliner actually wouldn’t budge for a full 16 hours, and even then required waterproof remover when we tested it out! The “color-intense” cosmetics have some of the best pigment pay off we’ve ever seen. And the best part? Because each product has been designed from the ground up, new technologies and features were created to deliver the best quality on the market.

For an idea about how to use each product to your full advantage, we spoke with Gucci Cosmetics makeup artist Aaron Henrikson, who explained that these products required slight technique changes from the usual routine to get the most out of them. Take a look at some of the hero products from the collection below, and learn exactly how to use them!

gucci mascara

Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara, $33,

To get the best color payoff from the mascara, Henrikson suggests swiping down from the top of your lashes first, then brushing up from underneath your lashes second. The paddles and bristles are designed to work together from the two different application angles for maximum depositing of color.

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gucci eye pencil

Gucci Longwear Eye Pencil, $32,

This Longwear Eye Pencil from Gucci means business. Henrikson told us it stayed on like a tattoo, and when we tested out the liner, it wouldn’t even budge for an entire 16 hours. When you’re applying this pencil, warm it up a bit, and you’ll have 30 seconds once you apply to smudge, fix, or move it until it sets. Use the smudge tip to smoke out the line a bit, or keep it bold with the classic application. This pencil will never give you the crease smudge on your lid.

gucci lip liner

Gucci Lip Sleek Contouring Lip Pencil, $32,

Lip liner is making quite the comeback these days, and with good reason. Whether you simply use the liner to get clean, sharp edges around your lips or you opt to color in your entire lip area, it’s a product your makeup bag shouldn’t go without. Besides just being one of the best quality liners we’ve tried, Gucci’s new lip liner is already a favorite because of the dual-ended siding, featuring a lip brush on one end. Henrikson’s best tip: When you’re going out for the night and you don’t want to bring a tube of lipstick in your clutch, swipe on enough color for one application to this lip liner brush, then stick the cap back on and toss it in your bag for the night. That way, you can touch up with the liner and apply your lipstick without the bulky tube!

The entire collection is available now at!

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