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Megan McIntyre
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Grab the popcorn and get ready to put that rewind button on your DVR to good use–the 2011 Grammy Awards are shaping up to be one helluva show.

See which Grammy stars made our list of award-winning looks.

After years of watching cookie cutter pop stars wearing endless iterations of tight and shiny dresses, we’ve now reached an era where it’s less about looking sexier than your cohorts and more about getting people talking (or in the case of some stars, gawking).

Blame Gaga. The lady who single-handedly revived the concept of concert as performance art, shocked everyone by arriving at this years Grammys in an egg. Yes you read that right. Instead of a limo, she rolled up to the red carpet completely ensconced in a womb-like egg carried by a bevy of shirtless males. She stayed hidden in the egg for the entire red carpet, only to emerge with a bang for her amazing performance of her new song “Born This Way.”

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But Gaga was just the tip of the iceberg this year. Nicki Minaj took her Tokyo-influenced style to the next level by wearing a head-to-toe leopard look, complete with a foot-high pouf of blonde hair dyed with a matching print at the roots. Katy Perry brought her new hubby, her adorable grandma and a pair of puffy angel wings as accessories this year.

While there’s no denying these looks are a little (or a lot) crazy, they also are the ones we’re all going to be talking about tomorrow and for days to come. While we know that no one if real life will–or should for that matter–rock one of these looks in the real world, that doesn’t take away from how interesting they are. We, for one, are glad to see this trend towards theatricality because it livens up what could otherwise be just another boring red carpet.

What do you think of these showstopping Grammys styles?

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